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When I was a kid, my parents took me and my younger sister on long road trips during the summer months. On a couple of occasions, we drove over two thousand miles in our car. Are you planning to go on a summer road trip with your family in the near future? Before you head out, you likely want to ensure your vehicle is operating at optimal capacity. Consider visiting an auto parts store. You might wish to invest in a new oil filter, set of brakes, or battery. You may also wish to purchase a new set of comfortable car seat covers to sit on during your long trip. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most popular auto parts people purchase during the warm weather months. Enjoy!


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Making Money From Your Old Broken Down Car Or Truck

What are you going to do with the old broken down vehicle in your yard? Often selling them is not easy because the car is old and not running. That doesn't mean there isn't any money to be made from it. You just need to be a little creative and search out people or markets where there is a need for the car or the parts on the car. Here are a couple of ideas for you to consider.

Selling Your Car For Parts

Sometimes your old car has such a low value that the parts are worth more than the entire car is. If this is the case for your car, you can choose to sell the used auto parts yourself or find someone that will by it for the parts but if you have the time to take the car apart and a place to list the parts like an online classified board, you might put more money in your pocket over time. The downside is, you may run out of things to sell that people want and then you have half a car to deal with rather than an entire one to sell.

Selling Your Car For Scrap

Sometimes it is easier to have a scrap dealer pick the car up and dispose of it for you. They may not pay a lot for it, but if it is not running, it might be a better deal for you than just letting it sit in the yard and rust. If a scrap dealer buys it, they will have to drain the fluids and strip the car of the fuel tank and any hazardous substances before they can sell it to the recycler. Because of the amount of work involved, they are not going to pay a lot for the car, but even a couple of hundred dollars can be worth it in some circumstances.

Selling It To A Salvage Yard

This is the hardest place to sell the car because these yards have a lot of overhead, so they do not like to pay much for cars. There are some that will still buy them, but most of the time, they will haul them off but not pay much, if anything for the car. If they do buy it, they will dismantle the car and sell the parts to make their money back on it. What they can't sell will eventually be sold as scrap, but only after they are sure there is no more money to be made from the car.

Donate The Car

There are a few charities out there that will come and get the car from you and sell it as scrap to raise funds. They will give you a receipt that you can use to claim the donation on your income tax and depending on the value of the car, you might make the most money from that. And you can feel good about donating it to help a good cause as well.

For more information, contact your local used auto parts store.